Saying goodbye to some of the best months of my life

Turns out I’m appalling at keeping this blog updated!! I’m on the move now and hopefully I’ll be able to set aside some time every few days to let y’all know where I am!


Yesterday morning I left Chapel Hill for good. I’d say I was very sad and very emotional about leaving except that it was maybe one of the most chaotic and frantic exits I’ve ever had (dr appointments, bus tickets, uber issues, luggage problems, handbag locked in room troubles etc etc etc).

Over the last week pretty much everyone has been going their separate ways – either home or traveling around the US for a bit. There is a group of us internationals who are planning on crossing paths at various times across the country. It’s been a weird week and it’s been so difficult to say goodbye to everything that I’ve loved so much for the past few months. It’s hard to really explain it; all I can say is that I’m so proud to call myself a Tar Heel and to have met such incredible people and I feel very lucky.

Highlights since I last wrote include spring break to Mexico (tacos tacos tacos!), unbelievable beautiful days, WINNING A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (I watched in a bar on Franklin St- it was so packed, we started queuing up 9 hours before the game started – when we won everyone rushed Franklin. And I mean literally everyone. Just running up Franklin St – I think there was 55,000 people all going crazy. For a town of 59,000 it’s good going!!!), Last Day of Class (LDOC – included lots of parties and getting sunburnt but was a lot of fun), actual exams which I managed to pass (success!) and then earlier this week Marianne and I went to Wilmington for a couple of days. Wilmington is on the beach in North Carolina and it’s also the 3rd most filmed location in the US (after Hollywood and NYC). It’s also known as Tree Hill – for all you OTH fans – I was very excited. The town itself is pretty weird. It’s almost hippy-y with lots of strange shops and bars but it didn’t feel very big. We stopped by the beach for a bit too which was lovely. We also stayed in our first US hostel- a strange experience. We were there for two nights and at no point did we see a single staff member. It was like we just knew the codes for the door of someone’s house and let ourselves in and used the kitchen as we fancied. It was lovely though and I needed a comfy bed after my fairly grim bed in the dorm (less sad saying goodbye to that!).

So to now! Currently I’m in Savannah, Georgia (the southern pronunciation of Geeeorrgia is my favourite thing). Lonely Planet describes it as a ‘Southern Belle’ which feels accurate. It’s so stunningly pretty. Lots of big big trees with Spanish moss and massive houses with amazing porches and shutters. There are lots of squares too, so it feels very green. Some parts of it are weirdly reminding us of London – I think there actually was a fair bit of English influence to the architecture – one of the most famous houses is a museum now and was built by a man from Bath in 1819. He wanted it to look like it could fit into Bath too so it even has Bath stone in it. There’s a pretty riverwalk and lots to see. It’s also really heating up, I’m sure I won’t be able to cope soon! We’re taking a bit of a breather today to recuperate – the bus journey yesterday wasn’t half as bad as I was dreading it would be – and then we’ll head out later and explore.

It’s hard to string everything that’s happened and all the particular great bits all into a few paragraphs so here are some photos that I’ve captioned which help me a bit!!! (side note- I’ve just added these and they’re now in a very random order but hopefully you can get the gist!!)


Thanksgiv(spr)ing – an event on campus to raise awareness about homelessness and create a sense of community with free food. Lots of restaurants across Chapel Hill chipped in.


The NC science fair! There were lots of little stalls and there was a little science demo going on on this stage.


Same day as the fair we were walking back and then just in front of my halls there was this going on. It was the opening of a community garden where students can plant food and plants. The chancellor was there making a speech and there was even a jazz quartet in the corner!


Nothing important to say here just isn’t the Old Well so beautiful?!


The Aberdeen contingency representing


A slightly ridiculous pool party on LDOC that was slightly bizarre


The international lot- ❤


A beautiful sunny afternoon at He’s Not


Hayley was all excitement at the Welsh cheddar cheese


This worries me – GARLIC FLAVOUR??


A few of the best girls ever


Marianne and I did a sad farewell tour of campus last week – this is her last look at the stadium. This photo really doesn’t capture the vastness of it


A beautiful sunset in Wilmington over the USS North Carolina


A car I could see myself driving as a character in One Tree Hill


One of the cutest bookshops ever


A classic southern house in Wilmington


So very very very sad to leave


Savannah – Marianne


Riverwalk at sunset – and the bridge we got the bus over that I couldn’t see mum enjoying. When you are on it it seems to go weirdly upwards like you’re climbing a hill.


Forsyth Park in Savannah – right next to our Airbnb




Getting up early to post our suitcases had its advantages


Hayley & Marianne, my spring break travellers on the little terrace of one of the cutest bars/delis in Chapel Hill


The double pint cups from He’s Not Here (so called from when people used to call up and ask if Michael Jordan was there!)


When there was an adorable little market in the pit on campus


There was an arts week when UNC put up pianos all around campus. They decided they liked them and so they’ve kind of stuck now. Few nicer things though when it’s a quiet evening and someone’s killing it on the piano on the quad.


Raghav is making a little video of all of us and interviewed us all for it – insane backdrop


Marianne on one of the last days of class. This was a day I had a seminar for Women’s Studies which my TA decided we should have sat outside on the grass. There was an event going on nearby – with acapella and this insane dancing with skipping ropes that was distracting in the best way. It was also very warm – maybe 27 degrees – at 6pm which was heavenly.

We’re in Savannah until Wednesday and then off to New York! Looking forward to it.


Lots of love

Katie xxxx